The NREMT Cut Me Off After 70 Questions! Did I pass?

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How The NREMT Exam Scores Candidates

So you’re about to take the NREMT, but are confused about how it’s scored? What do you mean there’s not a certain number of questions I need to get right?! You’ve come to the right place: that is, a (marginally) technical overview of how the test works.

Hopefully, your instructor talked with you about what “adaptive” testing means. If not, or if you’re still confused, read on. In a standard (pencil-and-paper) exam, you’re usually graded by percentage:

Number of Questions Correct / Total Questions = Score (%)

Other exams, like the SAT, use a slightly different scoring system which may include a penalty for each wrong answer (e.g., 0.25 points). The NREMT does not do this, per se.

In adaptive testing (CAT), the difficulty of the test adapts to your performance, or your perceived ability. In other words, the NREMT will appear challenging to everyone who takes it. The NREMT isn’t based on the number of questions answered correctly (or the number answered incorrectly for that matter). It’s all based on whether or not it perceives you as entry-level competent.

The scoring starts off with a metaphorical “bar” (as in “raising the bar”). This is the level that entry-level competent EMT’s are supposed to perform to, and is the standard against which you’ll be evaluated during the written exam. Since I don’t know exactly how the NREMT does it, I’ll make up a hypothetical system here:

Level 1 – Knowledge Questions.
Level 2 – Comprehension Questions.
Level 3 – Application Questions
Level 4 – Analysis/Synthesis
Level 5 – Synthesis/Evaluation Questions

And now, a chart!

NREMT Adaptive Test - Illustration

Again, this doesn’t represent their actual scoring system. It’s just an illustration of the concept.

Both students start out with an “average” question. Student one answers correctly, and gets a “level 4” question. After answering that correctly, he gets a “level 5” question wrong, so he gets bumped down to “level 4”. He gets the next “level 4” question correct, and moves up to “level 5”, and so on.

Student #1 passes the test, because he “stayed above the line” (level ‘3’) for most of the test.

Student #2 gets the first question wrong, so the computer gives him an easier question. He gets this one wrong, too. The test gives him an even easier question, which he gets correct, and moves back up to level 2. He eventually starts getting anwers correct, and he is presented with more challenging questions. Despite a strong finish, he stayed “below the line”, and will probably have to re-test.

Remember: these numbers and the progression from question to question is not exact. It’s just an illustration of the concept.

How Good is “Good Enough”?

The NREMT requires a 95% confidence level. This means that the computer has to be 95% sure that you are “entry-level competent” before it will pass you. It will keep presenting you with questions (with difficulty adjusted as described above) until it is 95% sure that you know your stuff. On the other hand, the test can also end early if it is 95% sure that you are below “entry-level competent”.

Also, be aware that you have to pass each section with a 95% CI. I’m sure you’ve heard of folks who have failed because of one category. Logically, the fewer questions there are in the section, the tighter your margin of error is. From people that I’ve talked to, it’s not uncommon to have only 3-4 pediatric questions, if you get them all correct. That’s probably what saved me on my exam!

The NREMT Exam Shut Off at 70 Questions! What Does That Mean?!

Your NREMT exam just finished much quicker than you had expected. “They haven’t even asked me about that stupid Parkland fomula my instructors said to memorize. It must be coming up soon!” you thought, but then the exam unceremoniously terminates.

But it won’t tell you that it’s made up its mind.

The good news is this:

From most people that I’ve talked to, people who get cut off early end up passing. The people who come close to maxing out the questions are the ones that failed. But why?

Someone who consistently answers questions wrong (let’s take the extreme case of someone simply guessing on each question). That person is going to get at least a few questions correct. They’re going to go back and forth around that metaphorical bar, and the computer won’t reach 95% confidence. It’ll keep throwing questions out there until it either reaches the 95% confidence or it runs out of questions. Generally speaking, the more questions you get, the more the computer was initially uncertain about whether to pass or fail you. You were right on the line the whole time. That being said, I’ve talked to several people who have had tons of questions on their NREMT exam and ended up passing. They just happened to have a strong finish, compared to someone else who was right on the edge and got a few of those “we never even covered this in class!” questions.

Case-in-point: If you ended the test in relatively few questions, chances are that you passed. Beyond that, it’s just a wild guess. There’s no point in stressing out over it – spend this time enjoying being done with Paramedic class! (You can always retest later!)

How Many Questions Are On the NREMT? How Long Will I Have?

This data is available on the NREMT website (see below). Note that the EMT-Intermediate (99) exam is a ‘normal’ test, not CAT. You can apply for accomidations under the ADA, which may allow you to have “time and a half” for the test. See the links below for more information.

Number of NREMT Test Questions by Exam

Exam # Questions Max Time (hrs)
Emergency Medical Responder (NREMR) 80-110 1:45
EMT-Basic (NREMT) 70-120 2:00
Advanced EMT (NRAEMT) 135 2:15
EMT-Paramedic 80-150 2:30


Exam Categories by Percentage

Exam Content (%) EMR EMT EMT-I (85) EMT-I (99) AEMT Paramedic
Airway, Respiration & Ventilation 17-21% 17-21% 17-21% 17-21% 17-21% 17-21%
Cardiology & Resuscitation 16-20% 16-20% 16-20% 16-20% 17-21% 17-21%
Trauma 19-23% 19-23% 19-23% 19-23% 18-22% 18-22%
Medical, OB/Gyn. 27-31% 27-31% 26-30% 26-30% 26-30% 26-30%
Operations 11-15% 12-16% 12-16% 12-16% 12-16% 12-16%


How long until I get my NREMT results?!?

So, you just took the NREMT exam. If you’re like most candidates, it was probably within the past hour. The anticipation is killing you. It’s a computer-based test for chrissakes! Why can’t they just grade it already?!? Why won’t I get to the point and just give you the answer?!?

Assuming your check and application were filled out correctly, your “written” results should be on the NREMT website within 1-2 business days. (If you want to reduce your stress levels, don’t take the exam on a Friday!) The NREMT is usually pretty quick about getting results online. You’ll get your shiny new card in the mail in a week or two.


The NREMT Cut Me Off After 70 Questions! Did I pass?

139 thoughts on “The NREMT Cut Me Off After 70 Questions! Did I pass?

    1. ams says:

      I can’t figure out how to create a new thread on this post lol but just wanted to let any of you reading this in 2018 know I just took my test this morning, got 70 questions, felt like I failed horribly and actually ended up passing! My results came out around 4 hours after the exam so that was really nice, I don’t think taking this exam on a Friday is an issue anymore.

      I used the Crash Course EMT prep book (made flashcards and memorized basically everything which didn’t take more than a week and a half of cramming bc the book is so well consolidated) and then quizlets from each chapter of the texbook (google “emt chapter 1”, 2, 3 etc) and you have to click on a few of them but for every chapter there is at least one quizlet with questions and answer choices on the question side rather than just a question with no choices so use those as “practice tests.” These were pretty similar in difficulty and format to the real thing. I bought Newton Test Prep’s book of 3 practice exams but didn’t find that as useful as the quizlets. Good luck!!

      1. NY says:

        WOW – that makes me feel better. I just took mine and was cut off at 83 questions. I left feeling like I was totally screwed. I felt like I never had but 3 easy questions and I can’t remember getting questions covering certain topics. I hope I will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow if the scores post before the weekend.

        1. Kelly says:

          Took my test yesterday, results in 24 hours. I am a I99 taking the exam without a paramedic program. I was going way to fast and was at 55 questions within 40 minutes. I got to 71 or 72 and it stopped. I was worried since I went so fast. I started as an Army medic in 1987 so I have been doing this for a while. Great news is that I passed.

      2. Marianne says:

        I took my test on Tuesday evening (06/26/2018), got 72 questions and I also felt like I failed it. I logged in to the NREMT site the next morning to see how soon I could retest and I found out I passed! I used EMT-B pocket prep app, EMT study lite app, and NREMT Study Questions 2017 app to study, as well as going back through my notes and book.
        I had a few questions that I felt were easy, most seemed fairly average, and then a few that had me wondering if I’d even learned that. I’m guessing that’s the adaptive concept in action.
        I think it’s more nerve wracking than anything else and I’m so relieved to be finished!

  1. Baker says:

    I passed with 70 questions in 1/2 hour and a friend passed with 70 also but took about an hour. And do NOT take test on Friday unless you are willing to chill for the weekend as results will not come until at least Monday morning. Even though
    I was confident I oassed, I was a bit anxious waiting for official results.

    1. Hannah Bork says:

      I just took the test, really nervous & feel like I didn’t pass. Now I have to wait for the results. I only had 70 questions. I’m really anxious.

    2. Terri says:

      My son took the test today and it shut off on him at 73 questions and he tells like he didn’t do very good what is the odd that he passed. He has not got his results back yet. Very nervous for him.

  2. helen bowdine says:

    this test should be declared illegal. there are between 120 and 140 questions but the test randomly selects people to either cut them off or let them through. the longer you test the better your chances of passing. of course. the more opportunity you have the better your score. they have supposedly created a “guessing” system that can “guess” after a certain percentage of questions whether you have passed or not. this is mind reading as there is no way to tell which question a test taker may get right or wrong. actually, it is al about earning money. they create an incentive to fail you so they can charge you exam fees and “remedial” training after 6 months in school. all of this for a $9 an hour job driving an ambulance. and they wonder why no one wants the job? just go straight to nursing or med tech and forego the prognosticating psychic exams. sounds like witchcraft to me.

    1. Baker says:

      Unfortunately, you are completely off base about how the exam works. I do think the test is too expensive.

    2. Becky says:

      I agree
      2 answers are wrong
      2 are right
      Which is the most right is a matter of opinion. And what might be right for one patient may not be right for the next patient with the same chief complaint.

    3. Asi says:

      Hey, just wanted to inform you that the exam to become a computer adaptive test too. So if you can’t pass this or feel its a scam, don’t waste your time on nursing either.

    4. BMTEMT says:

      The NCLEX is on the CAT form, as well. It also costs nearly $300 to take. I don’t think the NREMT is that expensive compared to that. It sucks that you live in an area where EMTs are only paid $9/hour and just drive the ambulance, that’s not the case where I live, though.

  3. Steven Melone says:

    Great site, great information. I did my EMT-I upgrade to EMT-P and just took the written. I was never informed on how the test works and this site provided some really good insight. Thanks!

  4. George A. Hoffman says:

    My son took the NREMT Exam yesterday morning. Does the resusults simply say pass or fail? The computer shut off at 70 questions. He just checked for result and all it says is non certified? Does that mean the results are not reported yet?

  5. Doug W. says:

    Great information. I took my retest this morning at 8am and after 40 minutes and probably 70 questions(not sure last I looked it was 62) the computer ended my exam. The 1st time I took it, it went 138 questions 1.5 hrs and I was only above passing on one section(operations).. Lets hope I was better this time. Until reading your site I was confused. I didn’t understand why it shut me off so early, I honestly thought they shut me off to spare me the agony of trying to continue.. Fingers crossed.

    1. JC says:

      They for sure give you a minimum of 70 questions, i took the exam 2x’s and once I hit 70 and it shut off, the other i hit 120 and it shut off.

    2. BMTEMT says:

      Someone I work with got cut off before the minimum as well, she was sure that meant she totally failed but she actually passed.

  6. KT says:

    Thanks for the insight! Just took my NREMT and got cut off @ 70ish questions. Freaking. Out. Hard. Core. So as soon as I was able to get my phone back I googled it and found this page. Hope you’re right in that the majority of people who took it passed with that #. Took me about 40 min.

  7. Stephen Oglesbee says:

    I took it today and it shut me off at 70. This is the 2nd time that I have taken the exam. The last time I took it it shut me off at 80, and I didn’t pass!

  8. It shut me off at 70 today! Freaking out. The questions were a lot on medical, diseases we didn’t even touch on. Feeling deflated. I’ll let you all know what happens in a day.

  9. Kevin says:

    I got cut off below 70. I had an A in the class and passed every text. I think i failed this, in fact I know I did. I can’t understand paying for a class, working your butt off, and not even discussing a large portion of what will be in the national registry. Maybe I passed and my rant is all for not, but I’m pretty ticked right now.

  10. Hunter says:

    Does anyone recall if they answered correctly or incorrectly on the last question before the test cut them off at or around 70?

  11. B says:

    Took the full 2 hours and was at question 118 and failed. Results were posted in 3 hours. Will be retaking ASAP, if anyone had to retake please words advice would be great, a little annoyed.

    1. Deb says:

      My daughter liked the review book “Idiots Guide to EMT-B” She felt like the review questions in that guide were fairly similar to the ones on the test.

  12. myeshia says:

    I took my test yesterday for the second time and it cut me off at 70 this time…I really feel like I did okay but I still am suuuuper nervous

  13. CS says:

    Funny, everyone gets nervous and flocks to an internet posting site for advice only to not return after they get their score.

  14. WALTER SCOTT says:

    Why do I hear a lot of people say they only do good in one area that is EMS OPERATIONS that’s strange. Being earnest I think it all a bunch of bullshit. You are in class for 6 months or 3 months for EMR ALL THIS BULLSHIT FOR $11-12$ a hour that’s why it is so big demand for EMR/emt/paramedics ect…

  15. Daniel T says:

    I just finished taking my NREMT-B, it cut me off right at 70, and it took me about 35 minutes. I don’t really know how I did being that was so much stuff I hadn’t seen before! I’ll let you all know how I did, but the anxiety is gonna kill me till then.

  16. Patrick says:

    I was cut off right at 70 questions and about 35 minutes. I felt like I had to guess on a lot but I ended up passing. My classmate was cut off at 71 and passed. I also echo, don’t take it on a Friday. That was a very long weekend waiting.

  17. Taylor says:

    I was cut off at 70 questions and passed. Took my test on a Friday and had the longest weekend ever waiting for the results. Don’t do that lol

  18. Seth says:

    I took the EMT-B a week ago and it cut me off at 72 questions. I ended up passing but does anyone know how to see your performance in each section or is it just a pass fail grade?

  19. Andrew says:

    i took mine again today around 1300, it was my second attempt i got cut off at 70. the first attempt i got cut off at 120

  20. Morgan says:

    Just took my NREMT today and got cut off at 70 questions. I feel like I did well….but for me that has been misleading before.

  21. Hunter says:

    Took mine on 2/15 at 1000. I felt like the questions were NOT half of what I studied:( and it was extremely difficult. The test shut off at 70 questions exactly. My results posted at 12am on 2/16 (roughly 14 hours later) PASSSSSSSSSSSSS

  22. Sarah says:

    Took mine today at 1045 and no results.. the last question number I remember was 66 so it must have cut me off at 70. I was shocked and feel like I did horrible!!! waiting for the results is the worst.

  23. Deeker says:

    My results say Exam graded. Nothing about whether I passed or failed. I took my test last Saturday. What does this mean?

    1. Deeker says:

      OK – Just got a message from Imagetrend that my “application for certification has been approved” I passed! Seventy questions in 30 minutes, thought I missed preggers entirely, lots of questions with things I’d never heard of before, especially acronyms. Should have eaten more alphabet soup, I guess :)

  24. Holly says:

    Just took my EMT exam today at 1430 and it cut me off at 70. Lots of medical questions. Felt like I was guessing half the time. Hoping for results at midnight.

    1. Holly says:

      Passed. Fellow classmate got all the way to 120 questions and also passed. Had results by 6am Thursday. Took exam at 2:30 on a Wednesday.

  25. Carrick says:

    Just took mine at 1345 and it cut me off at 70 questions. I got top in my class and still feel like i failed it but we will see. Hoping for results at midnight!

  26. Brandon says:

    i finished my test around the upper 90s today hoping by tomorrow ill have my answer. I studied hours a day for two weeks for this test. I feel like everything i studied and study guides i used werent even close to what actually came up on the test. Felt way harder.

  27. Heather Keung says:

    I took mine on Saturday, 4/24. I was sure that I failed. It shut off at 90 questions for the EMR test. Tons of scenarios that came down to 2 good answers but of course, only one was the correct one.

    After a long agonizing weekend, I checked my score at 8:02am on Monday morning and I passed!

  28. Stefanie M O'Dell says:

    So for all of us who didnt get shut off at 70 questions DO NOT FRET! I got shut off at 114 questions which is almost maxed i took my exam on a thursday May 25th and got my results this morning Friday the 26th… I read all of these comments and was devistated after the class i went through the nerve wrecking practical exam that caused me to have a panic attack and i still passed first time and then go to this and worry myself to death because i went to 114 questions and on here some of these answers make it seem like oh wonderful the longer you went you fail…. Well i PASSED and was shut off at 114 questions so my only advice is study and take the exam as close to finishing your class as you can. You got this after all you made it through the class and practicals just calm down with these tests honestly you never know if you pass or not and i personally know someone who was shut off at 70 questions and failed so just breath and wait for your results.

  29. Zach M says:

    I love how many people here are whining about how they had 6 months to learn more and get more advice. Military combat medics have 6 weeks to learn this stuff. You all have it easy.

    1. nicky says:

      military combat medics dont put 12leads on people either. i have some combat medics in my unit that dont know near as much as all the subjects we learned in paramedic school

  30. Hannah Bork says:

    IM FREAKING OUT! just took my EMT test for the second time around 4 this afternoon & I got cut off at 70 questions. I’m so scared 🤢

  31. A says:

    Hannah I’m in the same boat – first time taking it was 4pm this afternoon, got cut off at 70 questions. I did NOT feel good about the test – very different than the way my class worked. But we’ll see. I’ll update when I hear back.

  32. Brittany Dayton says:

    Took mine today for the second time first time I took it shut off at 71 and failed this time it shut off at 120 so we will see… I feel like they need to update eaither the test or the classes we didn’t cover half the stuff of the test in class…

  33. Martha says:

    Honestly scared for my life took my 1st test today at 1000 and it cut me off at 115 hopefully i’ll know I pass on Monday. Will update and I was always the one to ask the questions and aced my final in the class1

  34. Kai says:

    First try Wednesday 2-22-17. Stopped at 70Q’s. Failed. Results two days later on Friday.

    Second try today (Tues. 7-18-17) at 1530. Stopped at 70Q’s again. Will update with results when I get it. I live in Kansas City, Missouri.

  35. Just took my first attempt at 0900 today, Saturday. Cut me off around 67 or 68 questions in about 35 mins. Not expecting my results this weekend though it would be nice. Despite all the comments on here I’m not feeling good. Lots of stuff I did not know and guessed at – syndromes I’d never heard of, specific O2 saturations in cardiac patients, trauma complications that seem overwhelmingly ALS, and the like. I’ll post results when I receive them. Good luck to all out there – this testing style is hell.

    1. Heather says:

      Taking my nremt for the first time, and very nervous. If I were to fail would the questions be totally different second time or would they be the same. Anybody have to take it a second time?

  36. Rick says:

    FYI. NREMT is testing a bank of questions this quarter and will extend until 2 quarter of 2018. If you are one of the “lucky” ones you will have the maximum questions no matter what. However, these “trial” questions do not count toward your evaluation but you have no idea which questions are graded versus being field tested.

  37. Iris says:

    I took my NREMT today at 12:15pm it cutt me off at 70 now im nervous my results havent come in yet. I feel like i bombed it but well see what happens praying i passed

  38. Katie says:

    I just took the test and finished like a half hour ago. Already checking the status on the test lol.

    It cut me off at 74. If it’s true that if the test ends early, then I’m really hoping that I passed.

  39. Andy says:

    I just took the test today and im almost certain i failed☹️It stopped me at like 73 questions i kept drawing blanks throughout the whole exam bc i was so stressed out. It seems like all the stuff i studied the weeks coming up to the test made up about 60% of the actual test.

  40. Gary says:

    This is the 3rd time to take the test…and once again, I feel like I failed! It cut me off at 70 questions. First time it cut me off at 123, next time it cut me off at 70…failed both. I did great in the class. I got high test scores. I just don’t understand how I will pass this test when most of it is things I have never seen before. We did not go over half of this stuff in class. Is the NREMT-E and NREMT-B the same? I was told by the National Registry that it’s the same test….doesn’t make sense. Why would there be two names for the same thing?

    1. SCOTT DAVIS says:

      I get the sense that everybody feels they bombed. I absolutely feel Ill have to take it again. I just don’t know where to begin as far as studying. I studied my a$$ off for this. If I pass it will be a miracle, I feel that I guessed on 70% of the questions. Stopped me somewhere in the 70s.

      1. Doe John says:

        One sentence for all of you. “Buy a button up shirt and a button spycam” it will save you money in the long run. And you can sell the questions later. You will learn it all on the job as you go anyway in time. After all the basic’s are glorified furniture movers.

    2. Nessa says:

      I’m going to attempt for my 3rd time as well in about 2 wks. I’m studying as much as I can but I’m still feeling like it isn’t sticking. I don’t know what I’ll do if I dont pass. Any tips on what you did differently this time around? Did you end up passing??

  41. Jaela says:

    Took my NTEMT-B today. Test ended after question 74 so I was a bit skeptical. However just checked my results and I passed!!!😁 Found the info and the comments here very helpful in managing my anxiety earlier today so I’m sharing now to help someone else. Also rest assured u can take your time since it took me 80 mins to complete the above mentioned amount of questions and the result was still positive.

  42. Alyssa says:

    Took my EMT-B today about an hour and a half ago and my test cut off at 74 questions. I got a ton of questions on airway and breathing, that topic felt like the majority of my test. I don’t feel confident at all. I feel at least decent in all other categories(minimal questions were asked in other areas, which I heard is a good sign)….not sure if I passed the airway and breathing category as there were tons of things I’d never even heard of or studied for there! I studied for about a week and a half straight for hours, to put it into perspective(10+ hours to be exact). Already thinking of the closest time I can reschedule my test. I will let you all know how I do, whether it’s good or bad news… (p.s. I did well on all of my exams in class, 100% on my drug quiz, unit tests, etc. Passed the class with an A)

  43. Keelie says:

    I took mine yesterday which was Monday at about 12:45-1pm. It said on the paper they gave me 2-3 business days, did anyone else’s say that and they get the results online the next day? Mine shut off at exactly 70 so I’m wondering if I passed or not. Kinda worried that I didn’t. Do you guys think that’s it’s good or bad that it stopped at 70?

  44. Keelie says:

    I’m reading how most people’s posted basically the next day and I just looked and it’s not on there yet. When you got it the next day did your paper say within 2-3 business days?

  45. Jennifer says:

    I took my test today on a Friday at 8am and results were posted by noon. I ended up getting 120 questions and was left confused as to whether or not I would pass. Most was OB and ventilation choice scenarios. I studied strictly off the EMT-B app for about an hour a day and feel like that app totally helped. I passed.

  46. Daniel Ventura says:

    This is my 4th time taking the exam. The first time ever i got cut off at around 70/71 i cant quite remember but im pretty sure i did 70 and hit next and it said test completed. Im FREAKING OUT. What are the odds i failed at 70? A lot of people say 70 is good and i most likely passed but some here say that 70 failed. Im extremely anxious right now.

    1. Connor says:

      I feel like if you got cut off at 70 questions and you were getting level 4 or above questions consistantly you passed, if you were consistantly missing level 3 and below questions and it shut off at 70 you failed. My instructor said if the exam shuts off at 70 you either nailed it or failed it, and people that come up to him and say “I did terrible, you didn’t cover hardly any of the questions on my NREMT” he says “congrats you passed”. I got shut off at 70, haven’t gotten results yet but I feel confident I passed.

  47. Felicia says:

    Took mine today….
    I’m hoping for the best but at first I thought I hit the wrong button somewhere and logged out of the test, especially since it seemed like I only answered maybe 50 questions I honestly wasn’t watching the number just the time that said I still had 80-90 minutes left.
    So I’m guessing by the way the test works I missed more than I could to pass, or I got the right amount right and passed! Which is what I’m hoping for!!! Wish me luck.
    I took it Friday at 11ish so I may be stuck waiting til Monday for results.
    I felt like the questions were things I barely remember covering in class and last night I studied all my notes and retook my 300 question written exam and I did well but maybe 15-20 questions.. and I felt that the questions I had today were not in my notes or written test/quizzes I had 😣😣
    But I am hoping for the best!!! Especially considering it’s been a year and a half since I was in class and life happened. Staying positive- staying positive 😎
    Ps. If I did fail I think they need to mix of the questions a bit more so you have a better chance of passing lol 😆 I will try and post back about the verdict!

  48. I took mine today and it cut me off at 70. As soon as that happened i thought i failed so hard I dont know what to think of. I knew i got questions wrong but i knew i got some that were right. I really want this so bad any thoughts guys?

  49. Patrick Sorrentino says:

    I just took my NREMT P test they cut me off at 80. I have been a Paramedic for 17yrs and I just let my cert lapse but I don’t know if I passed
    Can anyone help me answering thia

  50. Bern says:

    Just took my NREMT exam for the third time and Im sooo nervous! The first time I took it I failed at around 120 questions, every category except EMS OPS. Same deal with the second time (was very frustrated because I’ve never tried so hard for anything). This third time I felt that I really understood most if not all of the questions (some were stupid hard and didn’t need to know) but again, it shut off at 120. don’t know what to think because sounds like nobody passes past 90 questions but thought I answered pretty damn well. Ive been driving an ambulance for over a year now and take part in patient care when not driving. I studied with higher level providers all the time. I would think I would know my stuff. also real world is not that much diagnostic rather than treat the symptoms. pass or not, I think this test is a bunch of BS.

  51. Jamie says:

    Just took NREMT. I couldn’t take it as soon as I finished class, as I had to have surgery and then was not released for a few weeks after that. I was really worried about all that time passing and going under anesthesia. I did use EMT Pocket Prep to study (this is no plug for them). According to the app I was ready to take my test. Went in and took it. Holy Crap I felt like I knew nothing!!! My instructor said if you feel like you are being asked questions you never heard of you probably passed. It cut me off at 70 questions. I have test anxiety anyway and boy did this add to the anxiety! Instructor was right, I passed. I know two people that it cut off at 70 one passed and one didn’t . The one that didn’t said he felt like he had heard the information but couldn’t remember. Versus me and a friend that had questions and were like we did NOT review/study this. Study and go in and take it. Be positive when you go in. Good luck!

  52. Chris Marti says:

    This is not true at all in fact it’s backwards I’ve taken the test twice now cut me off at 70 questions and failed both attempts but a class mate took it up to around 92 questions shut off an he passed so this is wrong.

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