NREMT Spinal Immobilization – Strap Order

Since this question comes up a lot in classes, here’s the current accepted strap order for the long backboard (LBB) and KED:

Long backboard:

  1. Immobilize torso to the board by applying straps across the chest and pelvis and adjust as needed.
  2. Immobilize the patient’s head to the board
  3. Fasten legs, proximal to and distal to the knees

Seated Patient (KED, short backboard, etc)

  1. Secure the device to the patient’s torso.
  2. Evaluate torso and groin fixation and adjust as necessary without excessive movement of the patient.
  3. Evaluate and pad behind the patient’s head as necessary to maintain neutral in-line immobilization.
  4. Secure the patient’s head to the device.
  5. Release manual immobilization of head.
  6. Rotate or lift the patient to the long spine board.
  7. Immobilize patient to long spine board.

The “MBLHT” acronym is out, and I can’t think of any fun acronyms or mnemonics for the new strap order. Oh well.

These strap orders were taken from the EMT-B National Standard Curriculum (NHTSA). You can find the curriculum at this link (PDF).


NREMT Spinal Immobilization – Strap Order

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