2 thoughts on “PA AEMT Scope of Practice Released

  1. ADR says:

    I am one of the first 5 AEMTs in PA, and am fairly pleased the way the protocols look. The real question is whether the department considers us ALS or BLS technicians.

    1. Per 028 Pa. Code § 1023.26,

      (a) Roles and responsibilities. An AEMT performs basic and advanced EMS skills…

      An AEMT’s scope of practice may be expanded to include ALS skills in other skill areas as the Department publishes in a notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin

      The original Scope of Practice document references 28 Pa. Code § 1023.1(a)(1)(vi) and (vii) [PDF], indicating that AEMT’s and above will be required to attend skills review. In my mind, this is the most relevant distinction between BLS and ALS as it pertains to practicing in PA.

      I’m not sure the DOH classification of “ALS” or “BLS” has any meaning. Medicare’s distinction, on the other hand, is relevant for billing purposes. Chapter 10 of the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual [PDF] requires a two-person crew with at least an EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic to be considered “ALS” (among other requirements).

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